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Lucca comics and games is a trade show that is dedicated to animation, comics, games, video games, science fiction, and fantasy. The event takes place in Lucca, Tuscany in the months of October and November. It is today the most significant Italian event and is regarded as the second most important in Europe and the third in the world. The event can actually turn into a station that will help you check impossible journeys where only imaginations will make it possible.

The Salone Internazionale del comics were founded by Rinaldo Traini and Romano Calisi in 1965 in Bordighera. The next year the event was moved to the center of Lucca to the small Piazza and since then it has grown and is now a very important event in the world. The name has changed over time to Lucca comics and games where around 50,000 visitors attended in 2002. For almost 50 years the event has grown tremendously in terms of popularity and size and has changed several times in terms of concept. This was so to keep up with the likes and interest of the public and to provide a platform for new talent and entertainment. Today almost 500,000 people attend the event that is organized for four days.

About Event
The event is divided into two main areas or the zones that are the comics and the games. The comic zone comes in various exhibition areas that are close to each other. The game zones are mostly in a one large tent of a single hall that is located in the southern city wall. The first thing that one notices as they enter the venue is the people all in different bright colored dresses and are dressed up like characters from the cartoons, comics, and animations.
They are the visitors who have participated in the event and who love to dress up like the characters they love. Watching the cos-players is fun, and there are thousands like them in all different costumes and poses. You can take pictures with them. The cos-players participate in the parade and later gather at Palco principale that is a stage for a music concert.
Here one can enjoy different band music that plays their best songs and soundtracks from anime, video games and so on. You can sing and even dance with them and also vote for the best band.
The role-playing games are also very funny and interesting. You can subscribe to it and play games live and dress like one of the characters and act.
Here you can meet the authors, editors and directors of various games, comics and films as well.
It’s a great place for families and children every year as there is a different theme where one can find various interesting events and attractive programs like the venom, where children can enjoy the drawings of Abdrej Duginy and Olga Dugina. They are the artists for Harry Potter and Azkaban and have also illustrated tales of Madonna – the popular singer.

Enjoying the event
If you want to enjoy this big event, you have to make a good plan. The space provided is truly huge where there are many halls and open spaces, gardens and monuments and even churches where the programs are held. You have to pick the most important one for you and the ones you are interested in. There are thousands of programs and so making a list will make you trip enjoyable. The best way is to get a PDF of event map and check your starting point and figure out what you will want to see and enjoy.
It is important that you check the official website and check the dates of the various events and also buy the tickets.

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