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Lucca is very active in September as there are plenty of events and activities carried out throughout the month that attracts all types of tourist. The famous Feast of Santa Croce (Holy Cross) is an important festival in Italy. The feast is an intense celebration where people from various fields come together in the name of Volto Santo, a representation of Lucca since Middle Ages. The Lucchese September of Settembre Lucchese is also the celebration of Santa Croce that comprises of events and activities that are held in the city. There are religious as well as traditional events for a month carried out in full glory. September is the best month to visit Lucca as it is the grape harvest time and the season’s wine is ready for celebrations. The city is ready to celebrate the patron saint.

Important events
The most significant event is the Luminara event that is held on September 13 since the 8th century, where a procession is carried out right from the Church of San Frediano to The Cathedral of San Martino. The procession is carried to in the evening sharp at 8 pm. The streets are lit with candles and lights all through the procession through the narrow streets and squares. Citizens take part in the holy candle lit procession with enthusiasm. The street and the city simply look marvelous.

Saint Michael Fair
The next most important event of September is the Saint Michael that is held on September 14th, 21st and 29th. During this time, a mass is held at San Michele in Foro. People from the city and other parts of Italy gather here to watch the beautiful event that is holy and divine. It is a feast with Folkloristic parades and Palio of donkey the takes place at the end of the event where all the donkeys have a race around Carmignano. Display of good from the peddlers is also included in the fair. There is also the exhibition of livestock where buying and selling also take place.

Entertainment event of artisans
There is also the expo fair September Lucchese held from 4 to 14th September where one can see traders, artisans and producers who bring their good and other things as well. The Luna Park is an event held outside the city wall where there is an amusement park where children, as well as adults, can enjoy. From September 13th to 30th, visitors can get a glimpse of the market in Piazza Napoleone where there is an antique market so that you can buy something interesting. Also, there are sports held along with cultural events where you can get a closer look at the traditions and culture of the city of Lucca.

Fiera di Borgo Giannotti is a historical fair that is held along Borgo Giannotti on September 14th, 20th, 21st, 27th and 29th. There are various types of delicacies for your taste and various stalls that will suit your interest and fun.
If you want to visit Lucca, then September can be the best month for more fun and frolic.

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