Farro Soup (Zuppa di Farro)
Farro Soup (Zuppa di Farro) ,

Zuppa di Farro is a special dish that comes in the form of soup and is rich in taste. It is very versatile as just like pasta, it absorbs any flavor you add to it and gives a unique taste. The dish is especially eaten during the winter season as it warms up the body up to bones. As the name suggests, it is Zuppa di farro or farro soup, but farro is a relative of wheat but not wheatberry, and also it is not spelt or barley. The best taste comes out with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil so that the raw beans get an enhanced flavor. The soup dish is served hot and is great when served with grilled vegetables or even a salad. It’s a healthy soup that is loved by locals since years using superior quality dried borlotti beans. The use of extra virgin oil is important for the dish to get a complete taste.

Variations in the Zuppa di farro
Today we see lots of variation of the dish and are now savored throughout the year using different ingredients to make it special and delicious in a different way than the traditional way of cooking it. Tourists love the taste of the soup and are interested in trying out varieties of it. Due to the addition of different kinds of vegetables, the soup tastes different and gives a distinct flavor as well. Cooked in any way, the soup is rich in flavor and also in texture. They are cooked until soft and pureed; some are left whole so that you can bite it to taste it. Some even make it with bacon or chicken broth or even tomatoes and other fresh herbs. One can enjoy the soup by addition their favorite vegetables as well as meat. It is a versatile soup that can blend easily according to the taste of the person and even the season. Made specially in Lucca, Tuscany, the soup dish is made using the ingredients grown in that region. However, today there are a lot of changes and one can easily make it with anything that is tasty.

How to make it
It does a little more time, but the end result is incomparable. There are some ingredients that you need to buy beforehand like the fresh vegetables and other spices as well. Some of the main ingredients that you will need are dried borlotti beans that should be soaked overnight, sea salt, olive oil, onion, garlic, carrot, celery stalk, pancetta, tomatoes, potatoes, sage, pepper, parmigiano etc. There can be more ingredients as well depending on the recipe and the version as well. Cook the beans and soften it. Blend the rest of the cooked vegetables to a thick consistency now mix the beans, vegetables, and other spices and bring to a boil. Keep it to the required consistency.
Basically, Farro is a low yield crop and in high demand for the good reasons, but is quite expensive as compared to other grains. However, the interesting thing is it doubles up in the volume when cooked and when vegetables are added, it offers a complete form of protein. You can start your farro journey with small Italian beans and chickpeas. Another tip while cooking farro is go for farro perlato that farro without its tough hull and soak it for a few hours before cooking as it will cut the cooking time and make it soft too fast.

Do not miss this simple yet delicious, warming and energetic dish while in Lucca!

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