Torte coi Becchi
Torte coi Becchi , LUCCA,

Torte coi Becchi or the cake with beaks is a vegetable dish from Lucca. It is a typical favorite dish of the locals and visitors enjoy the distinct flavor that the dish comes out with. The edges come with a design that resemble the beaks and hence the name. Lucca is famous for various dishes that belong to the city only, and one of them is Torte coi Becchi. It is made with chocolate and rice, and although it looks like a pie, it is not one. However, it exists in various versions like the chocolate, amaretto, and herbs. The most delicious ones are those where grandmothers make it in their homes. The taste is unique and is delicately flavored with spice and a soft textured one. Of course, the main ingredients are the vegetables. Check out the various specialties that you find in the city of Lucca. Of course, every family has their own version that has been brought down from generations.

What is torte coi becchi
The dish is really simple that comes with pastry, and filled with vegetables and other spicy ingredients. You make the pastry with flour, sugar, egg yolks and butter. The filling comes with interesting ingredients with specialties from various people as well as the choice. There are plenty of vegetables included in the pastry outside. Besides, there are other common ingredients used like candied fruits, butter, vanilla essence, salt, sugar, milk, baking powder and according to the recipe chocolate, or vegetables, etc. and many other ingredients. The dough base is like a typical tart and on top of it the filling is spread. The pastry is rolled out on the pan just like the tart, and the beaks are formed at the edge transversely with the help of the knife.

Recipe of torte coi becchi
To make the pastry, you need flour, sugar, egg yolks, and butter. For the filling you need beets or other type of vegetables that you prefer along with sugar, milk, stale bread, raisins, pine nuts, candied oranges, egg, lemon, vin santo, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, and pepper. Pour milk into a bowl and add the bread now let it soften. Now soak the raisins with vin santo. Prepare the pastry with the flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. Place it on the tart dish that is greased and floured with baking sheet. Now prick the bottom and place it in the refrigerator. Take a pan and melt the butter in it and add eggs and salt and pepper. Take the bowl and mix the beet with the raisins and bread and other ingredients like pine nuts, lemon zest, oranges that are cut into small pieces. Now add the spices and the sugar and mix well. Pour the mixture on the plate that is ready with the pastry and fold the edge inside and give the shape of triangles on the edge with a knife like a beak. Bake the dish with for 40 minutes or according to the oven and enjoy it with tea or other drinks.

The baked version is fascinating and well balanced with the sweet and the salty flavor. It turns out onto a sweet vegetable cake. You will be surprised how vegetables taste in this version with the pastry. This is a simple dish that turns out very good when you need something different to change your mood. Cake with beaks is celebrated on different occasions like the feast that takes place in Lucca and the feast of the patron. The cake is cut in triangular shapes just like the regular cake and served.

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