Mint of Lucca
Mint of Lucca "Museo della zecca" Mura Urbane, Lucca ,

The existence of the Mint of Lucca or today’s "Museo della Zecca" has been since the 7th century and during that time, it was used to mint the first coins that were issued under the domination of the Lombards. The coins were in gold with the name of the city printed on it. Charlemagne has the right to issue the Carolingian money, which is a type of European currency. The museum is located in the Barracks of San Donato in the walls of the city of Lucca. There is also a library along with workshop and laboratory as well. It is the oldest structure in Europe and its activities like minting coins have resumed in the recent times. The museum is set to promote the city’s old culture and history that was so prosperous in Lucca and help the visitors know more about the richness that prevailed in those times. This is a good excursion trip for the children who will know more about the history of Lucca. This was a very important place for the rulers of those times as it did serve a purpose. It was in use for almost 12 centuries without an interruption and that is why it has a place of importance in the pages of history and is very important to Europe as well.

What to expect inside?
The main item is a large historical antique machinery and a beautiful collection of medals who worked during those times. You can also find balances as well as monetary weights. Besides this, there are various important documents relating to the coins that are well preserved here. The collection here dates from the 17th to the 19th centuries and consists of utensils that were needed. Also see the method of pressing, printing, pantograph belonging to the 20th century, chisels, punches, crucibles, etc. Besides, this there is a trebuchet, pesamonete and a safety deposit box that belongs to the 18th century.
The place has minted around 2000 types of coins in this brand and has been transported to all the parts of the world. The museum today has started issuing coins on the bases of the ancient models. The minting machine has been used from 650 to 1843 and one say it is a historic workshop where one can still see the old coins and the way it was minted and used. Various documents are also present to help you get the accounts of the work of those times.

Street address:
Barracks San Donato - city walls LUCCA

Museum Tours
- Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00 am to 12:30 pm. / 15:00 pm to 6:30 pm
- Saturday and Sunday: by appointment only
- Closed on Mondays

entrance fee
€ 5,00 full, € 3,00 discounted(schools and beneficiaries).
The Guide is available for school visits by a prior appointment

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