Museo Nazionale di Villa Guinigi
Museo Nazionale di Villa Guinigi Via della Quarquonia, LUCCA ,

Lucca is a visitor’s paradise and tourist from all over the world come here for refreshing themselves with the marvelous monuments, food, culture, museums, churches and more. Lucca is known for the ancient monuments and the preserving of the villas and medieval palaces. The Museo Nazionale brings out the impressive and a vast collection of artifacts in the well maintained medieval Villa Guinigi. The villa itself is remarkable and very impressive. You are going to have a great time looking at the interesting architecture of the medieval period. The National Museum of Villa Guinigi is in one of the oldest buildings of the city that was built in 1431 by Lord of Lucca Paolo Guinigi which is outside the circle of the walls built in the 13th century. The structure is majestic and imposing, and the façade is the main part that is characterized by an airy loggia and has three mullioned windows built with arches and columns that represent the Gothic style typical of Lucca. So it is not the museum inside that you will be amazed at, but also the villa that will leave you speechless.

The museum
The exhibited work inside the villa is directly linked to the by-gone era of Lucca, and every piece of artifact represents the history of the city. The artifacts are chronologically arranged that makes it easy to understand the rich history and culture of the city. The ground floor has objects like the vases and urns that belong to the Roman era and which have been discovered in 1982 in San Concordio. Besides, there are remains of Etruscans and Romans that are found in the homes of Lucca. The Etruscan remains were found from the cemetery. There are also the remains of various kinds of monuments and another dwelling that are quite interesting and fascinating. The upper floor is dedicated to the 13th-century masterpieces and artifacts as well. The 15th and 16th century Pietà by Matteo Civitali, the cross painted Beringhiero, The St. Eustatius and the San Biagio by Giorgio Vasari, the Crucifixion with Saints Catherine and Julius by Guido Reni, San Sebastian by Bernardo Parentino and many other interesting artifacts and paintings that belong to the 13th, 14th centuries. Apart from the artifacts, one can also check the collection of various medical equipment and instruments as well.
The collection is vast, and one can enjoy the archeological collection and roman, prehistoric and Etruscan collection that includes sculptures, artifacts and paintings from the Middle Ages to Baroque along with fabrics and furnishings.

Via della Quarquonia, Lucca

Entry Fee
Full price: Euro 4.00 - Discounted: Euro 2:00
In fact, you can purchase a combo ticket for this museum and the National Museum of Palazzo Mansi: by paying a full price of € 6.50 - reduced: € 3.25
Moreover, entry is free for kids under 18 years of age.

Tuesday to Saturday:
from 8.30 to 19.30 (last entry 19.00)
Sundays and holidays closed - Monday closed weekdays
There is an availability of guided tours by appointment.

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