Villa Grabau (San Pancrazio)
Villa Grabau (San Pancrazio) Via di Matraia, 269, San Pancrazio, LUCCA ,

Villa Grabau, located in San Pancrazio, north of Lucca, is built on an already existing building that dated back to 1412. The villa belonged to the powerful family of Diodati, who were the merchants in Lucca. You can still see the coat of arms that hang in the northern part facade of the villa in the gray stone Matraia. The new owner has given the present look that is more appealing and stunning. It comes with a neoclassical look that has been maintained over the years. The villa was first owned by Orsetti from 16th to 18th centuries and then was bought by Marquises Cittadella and in 1868 Rodolfo Schwartze the German financier bought the villa. Carolina’s passion is one of the main reasons why Lucca was a great botanical garden, and the park was rich with various botanical varieties that are still present here. Marcello Grabau was the nephew of Carolina, and as Carolina did not have any children, the villa was inherited by Grabau. The family still owns the villa.

The architecture
The Villa Grabau originally had a Renaissance look, and that is still present, although there were changes done by the respective owners of the villa. The building in 1550 had three stories with an archaic characteristic like the mullioned windows and dovecot embattled tower. The front look has prominent three arched doors with seven windows on the top level. The building is majestic and a huge one that blends so easily with the green natural surroundings. Care has been taken to maintain the whole property as it was in the olden days except a few changes that were needed to adapt to the mourn style of living.

The gardens and layout
Villa Grabau is set on the hills and is very attractive indeed. It still has large period furniture pieces and paintings and is set on 9 hectors of Botanical Park. The park has several architectural gardens and comprises of centuries-old trees and rarities. A stroll in the park will lead you to the Lemon House, which is a great conservatory from the 17th century. The theater of Verzura is located in the garden and is defined by box tree’s hedges that provide a great atmosphere. At the lemon house, it is easy to hold any kind of event and festivals as the beautiful Ficus Pumila fall majestically from the beams above creating a very dramatic look. The unique ambiance is truly loved by visitors. The theater of Verzura is well balanced and refined and has successfully managed to create a romantic atmosphere. The property has three charming houses like the Annadora house, Stalletta and house of Horace. They are also available for renting if anyone wants to celebrate or for any event. The box hedge theater has two big lions made of marble and a fountain in the center. The theater is well maintained with grass fences on both sides and a tree that adds a touch of drama. The access to the villa is through high lined oaks that are pruned geometrically and lined up.
The garden at the back is at a higher level and is decorated with mosaics and other fountains. In the garden, there are two large oval flower beds with lemon pots and high hedge curved ilex. The villa is excellent, even if you just want to visit it or go for a picnic. It is just 7 kilometers from Lucca and located at a picturesque spot that will definitely make you stay here for more time. Just stroll around the garden and you will find many things that will interest you. The parks, the gardens, theater and the entertainment space welcomes you to this historic place.

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