Villa Guinigi (Matraia)
Villa Guinigi (Matraia) Via di Matraia, 22, Matraia, CAPANNORI ,

Villa Guinigi and the Borgo that is on the estate grounds and is included in the property is a prestigious estate that is the pride of Lucca. The villa cannot be viewed from the road and is well screened so as to ensure the safety aspect of the villa. This also means that the villa is quite private. The location is a superb one that is about the plains, so the view of the village below is spectacular. The panoramic views from the villa are truly capturing, and that is why visitors find it a great relaxing place. The group of buildings that exists within the estate of the villa is called the Borgo of Matraia which was the farm of Villa Guinigi. The use of Matraia stone is very obvious that adds to the charm of the place. Now there is construction going on without disturbing the scenery and the rural character of the place. The Borgo provides homes in different sizes and apartments and some with private gardens as well. The Borgo has around 28 residences and a security system for the estate. The wine cellars are now converted into spas with the right modern ambiance, a heated swimming pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi. There is also a fitness room along with relaxation areas that are open throughout the year.

The Villa
The villa is a 16th-century building which is indeed a very attractive one. The upper floor comes with a mezzanine that has been converted to an apartment. The place is quite relaxing, and visitors can have a panoramic view of Capannori and Lucca. The Borgo, on the other hand, is a group of residences that enhance the look of the property and gives a village look. The villa and the Borgo comprise of large spaces with various kinds of trees that are rare like the Lebanese cedar that stands in front of the villa which makes the property fall into the lap of nature. The interiors are very stylish that are not changed much. However, restoration has been carried out so as to give it a royal look from the past. The Botticelli apartment is one of the most largest and attractive in Villa Guinigi. Plenty of windows and fresh air and bright sunlight make it an ideal place to stay. The rooms are exquisitely designed to provide luxury and comfort with modern style beds, en-suite bathrooms and other modern amenities that every guest would love to have.

The modern villa
The villa and the property also provide facilities like the tennis court, swimming pool and open spaces to stroll and the gardens for the guest to have a great time. You can enjoy the cool atmosphere here with the serenity provided by nature and the majestic villa that speaks volumes of the past. You will also find a gym and rooftop pool for relaxation and workout. Many celebrities are said to have stayed at the villa and the residences close to it for its tranquility, the beauty and sobriety of the place. The furniture are very comfortable and make your holiday a very relaxing one. The villa is easily accessible from the town and easy to go around the place to visit important places around the city of Lucca. People enjoy the atmosphere here and the ancient villa with the perfect background of the trees that are centuries old and the beautiful interiors of the villa. It is definitely a treat to experience the majestic villa, and one can book the residency any time of the year.

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