Villa Mansi (Segromigno in Monte)
Villa Mansi (Segromigno in Monte) Via delle Selvette, 263, Segromigno in Monte, CAPANNORI ,

Villa Mansi is another feather in the crown in the city of Lucca. Lucca is already popular for its churches and the monuments of the medieval period and the Villas of those times are so beautiful that words cannot describe them. Villa Mansi was constructed in the 16th century by Benedetti family and later sold it to Cenami family in 1599. The villa was rebuilt by Muzio Oddi along with the gardens. Thus, there are several additions and changes that took place since it was built. The gardens retain their scenic beauty and spread in a more natural way so that it enhances the beauty of the garden. The Villa got its name Mansi as Ottavio Mansi bought the property from a silk merchant family in the 18th century. This was the time when the villa saw major changes that was done by Giusti. The interior paintings were done by Stefano Tofanelli, and the theatrical design was done by Filippo Juvarra. You will definitely enjoy the day spent here in this historic villa.

The Villa
What is striking is the unusual facade that has attractive wings in the central portico along with the columns. The stairwell with a double ramp blends very well with the rest of the architecture. The facade comes with a stunning design and is visually very striking due to the unusual approach to it. The statues on the facade truly attract the visitor, and the fineness with which it has been sculpted is truly fascinating. The windows are large and have been done with geometric style. The upper part is a continuation of the lower part and is a little backwards. The baroque fa├žade was added to it only in the 17th century. The central part is a little backwards than the two sides. The porch has an entry from the two staircases on both the sides of the facade. The plaster on the building and the original stone color with the decorative elements are really very beautiful. The amazing thing is the highest part of the resumes presented in columns with the arch in the center. The serliana is the main attraction of the porch.

Visiting the interiors
As you enter the villa, the paintings and the frescoes are the first things that you will admire. They are done by Lucchese StefanoTofanelli and dates back to the 18th century. The paintings are done with a mythological theme that depicts the story of the God Apollo. The work of art that is in the center is more attractive and interesting as well. There are huge rooms and plenty of them that depict the living style of the dwellers here.

The gardens
The gardens are majestic with a fish pond and fountains along with statues and the park. The architect of which was Juvarra and the author of the 18th-century design of the park. There is also a botanical garden that has more than 40 species of trees which highlight the specimens of Broussonetia Papyfera, Tuliifera, Calocedrus decurrens, Carya Ovata, and more. The trapexium cut style gardens are to the east. The lawn is a huge one and is in the front of the house and also around it too. The large garden spreads to the west. The gardens are well maintained, and one can easily roam around to have a pleasant walk and enjoy the surroundings of nature that are done so tastefully here. Of course, the centuries-old villa adds to the charm of the place and makes it more stunning. One should visit the place for its marvelous architecture and the lovely gardens right from the 16th century.

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