Villa Oliva (San Pancrazio)
Villa Oliva (San Pancrazio) Via delle Ville, 2034, San Pancrazio, LUCCA ,

Villa Oliva is a historic villa in the hills of Lucca in San Pancrazio, and at around 6 kilometers from the city walls of Lucca. The Buonvisi family built it in the 15th century as their country residence and was designed by Matteo Civitali, who was a popular Renaissance architect. The villa later belonged to various owners named Montecatini family, Carlo Poniatowski, and Rosselmini family. The Rosselmini then donated it to Cottolengo's Piccola Casa della Divina Provvidenza which is a charitable institution. During the World War II, the property was severely damaged, but later it was restored by Oliva and this wife.

Villa Oliva property
The terrace is one of the most significant parts of the structure that is located to the other side and is held by the huge columns that are cut out of just a single block of Matraia gray stone. The park is elegant, and you will love to have a stroll around. It is a well-maintained property with fountains and waterfalls and a three level building. There are other important structures in the property such as the stables, the swimming pool and more. The property comprises of a wonderful part that surrounds the structure in three different areas, and one portion is the agricultural ground and the other portions are developed into gardens and have been enhanced with statues and fountains, huge trees, and the laurel hedges that surround the property. The whole property is fenced all around which gives a proper definition to the villa. The gardens have various statues that create a great environment. The gardens are well manicured and perfect for spending precious time.

The property layout
The building is huge with large arches at the entrance that are supported by the arches. The windows at the sides give a complete look to the structure. The entrance comes with two pillars and has horizontal bands of white marble and gray stone. The backdrop of Cypress Avenue leads you to the villa. There is an avenue of beeches as you get in and to the lower level. It used to be used for carriages. The avenues have cypress tress-lined up. Then you get to the greenery where there is a furnished space with table and chair and when you move on you come to the three fountains that are placed between the axis. One fountain is against the wall and has a pediment that holds the coat of arms. The central portion has the image of a winged siren with major pillars. There is a round pool in the middle of the lawn. Another avenue leads you to the adored Tuff statues that are tiered waterfall made in terracotta and has high relief. Parallel to it is the ragnaia comprising of a grove of oaks. You will find a stone sculpture here and a statue of Diana. At the back of the villa is the large oval courtyard that is covered with a hedge curve oaks and the center has an artificial cave that comprises of tufa and stalactites that are arranged so as to form crannies and nooks. The reconstruction also took place and was completed in 1770 by Francesco Buonvisi. The additions were the new entrance and the stables.

Current state
Today Villa Oliva is the destination were various high-profile weddings take place, and various events are organized in a grand style. Guests can also stay here in a large apartment at several levels, and guests can view the villas and the gardens from the windows. The rooms are furnished in Tuscan style and are very comfortable and grand. These sections are air-conditioned and have access to the swimming pool and private garden area.

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