Villa Mazzarosa (Segromigno in Monte)
Villa Mazzarosa (Segromigno in Monte) Via delle Selvette, 255, Segromigno in Monte, CAPANNORI ,

Villa Mazzarosa is one of the very few villas which are still owned by its original family. It is also an important one in Segromigno which is known for several reputed palaces and villas. Villa Mazzarosa is a beautiful villa that is built in Segromigno in Monte in the province of Lucca. The villa originally belonged to Arnolfini, the Orsucci and Lucchesine and later was the property of Mazzarosa. The villa was built in the early 17th century and today it has undergone various changes since 1634. It is a very well planned villa that not only looks very majestic but is well known for other elements like the gardens, furnishings, interiors and the main structure. It was in 1810 when Antonio Mazzarosa gave a new look to the whole park and is still the same which you see today.

The villa
The villa structure is large with a simple facade and a building that comes in a rectangular shape. The staircase runs on both the side and exceeds the height of even the basement so that one can get to the first floor. On the landing of the stairway, you get on the mezzanine floor. The gardens are also very interesting and beautiful that please the eyes. The entrance gate leads to the garden that is given a formal look. The garden has been decorated with an oval tube and a nymphaeum that is done with mosaics. There are statues here and cobblestone floors that enhance the look of the garden. The four columns with a boy and dolphins is also a point of attraction to visitors. The boy is sitting on the tails of the dolphins, and the statue is erected right at the focal point in the garden. There is another nymph that you see ahead of you and right on the main facade. Here too you can see extensive use of mosaics and mask where the water flows freely from its mouth. Particularly interesting is the small stream that is used to supply water to the whole estate and also the garden. You will also see the beautiful camellia grove and the other tall trees that are centuries old. A small temple in the neoclassical circular is designed in the park. It was built around 1830 by Antonio Mazzarosa. There is a huge lawn on the property with small bushes and flower beds that attract the visitors. Besides this, there are various water jets of water that splash out with great beauty. The garden and park comprise of various kinds of trees and plants that are rare and spectacular such as the pine trees, California, khaki Virginia, Chinese palm trees, olive tree, lime trees and more. Here you can find some beautiful works of Lucca. Besides, the villa and the garden, you can also find a gardener’s house, farm houses, chapel and lemon.

Visitors are allowed on the premises, and they can have a look at the property and its ancient history. The gardens also display the pattern and design that have been continued even today. One can also conduct conferences, exhibitions, concerts, literary works and other events that are relevant to cultural programs can be conducted here.

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