Villa Torrigiani (Camigliano)
Villa Torrigiani (Camigliano) Via del Gomberaio, 3, Camigliano Santa Gemma, CAPANNORI ,

In a small, charming hamlet of Camigliano is situated the Villa Torrigiani in the city of Lucca. This is a historical place that has been built from the 16th century. The villa has records since the 1593 and belonged to Buonvisi family. Later it went into the Nicola Santini family. Santini later redecorated the facade in Baroque style in the later half of the 17th century. He added two wings and also modified the front portion by erecting massive scale range that leads to serliana that you can also see on the top floor with statues and balconies. There were new gardens formed with two pools. The back of the villa also saw changes like the fountain the ‘garden of flora’ that was created in the east. The multicolored facade is the main attraction of the villa and comes with different materials that have been used to decorate the facade, pillars, arches, statues, etc. The facade’s attraction includes the various statues that are placed symmetrically, and every statue is different from one another making it a unique facade in Lucca. The parapets are also seen in different colors. Alfonso Torregiani is the architect for the decoration of the villa. You can view the Renaissance villa at the back of the villa that has a typically large portico that is designed in Tuscan style. The family of Santini still inhabits the villa.

The villa interiors
As you enter the villa, you will see the fine elliptical staircase that is designed with stucco. There is also the private theater to enjoy leisure time. The villa has still retained the frescoes of Pietro Scorzini that depicts the seasons in each room and the mythological scenes in the living rooms. The paintings of emperor Aurelian is placed in the hall. The busts of the original family exist in the chapel and in the chapel you can find buried within Marquis Carlo Luca and his daughter. The interiors are designed with stucco framing and the paintings of Florentine Vincenzo Dandini. The trompe I’oeil of quadraturist Lucca Peter Scorzini is very interesting. The present day descendant is the daughter who married Torrigiani. The original furniture is also present in the villa and visitors can take a view of it.

The gardens of the villas
The original garden layout is from 1650. The axis is highlighted by magnificent cypress trees of 700 meters. Also, get a closer look at a small village which was built for servants. It is located at the gate that leads to the house. One of the main elements is the small garden that is used a fish farm and has jets of water in it. It is the secret garden of the flora that comes with an attractive Italian Nymphaeum. It’s a beautiful garden that is called the Nymphaeum of the winds. It was built to surprise the guest and has passage through the built tunnel right under the beautiful staircase and the two caves that are under it have statues of the dragon and snake women and others. The owners played games with the guest here. The tunnel led to the flora. The beautiful staircase above the tunnel leads to the garden that is beautified with fountains and waterworks. The gardens have beautiful flowers and plants in great variety that are collected from all over the world. Since the 19th century, the garden has taken a more romantic look and with specimens of plants that are very attractive and suit the ambiance. The mention of the cypress trees is a must as it makes an avenue that creates a grand entrance in a grand style.

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