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Explore the enchanting varied mountains of Alpi Apuane
The Alpi Apuane is different in all aspects as compared to the lovely Apennines for the morphology and the deep valleys and, of course, the steep slopes. The Apuane are popular for their unique creations and the marble formations along with the deep abysses and cavities that are characterized by karst. The different kind of atmosphere here and the exposure to the different seasons have made it a unique part of the country where exists a contrasting atmosphere that have helped the diversity of the flora and fauna of the territory.

What to find here
It is a great unique landscape of Tuscan and is now a national park that was created in 1985. Here, you can find the creeks, forests, and the meadows with different colored flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, rivers, streams and more. There is no end to the natural beauty that is splashed all over the place. You can find here unspoiled nature, and the amazing thermal spring can help you spend a good time in the canyon. Another place is the Barga that comprise of beautiful surroundings and a lovely cathedral. Besides, there is the Grotta Del Vento that cannot be missed. It is famous for the stalagmites and stalactites caves that are scattered all over the roof and the floor. The marble rocks here are wonderful and very famous that are found here in the Alpi Apuane Mountains.

How to reach
Bagni di Lucca is the place to begin the hiking tour. You can reach the canyon and enjoy the place for hours together. You can find here unspoiled nature, and the amazing thermal spring can help you spend a good time. The Castelnuovo is located in Garfagnana is another place where you can begin your tour.
Adventures that you can indulge in
The place is vast and splendid, and that is why there are plenty of activities that one can carry out easily here.

1. Mountain Bike
There are two mountain ranges here, and the trails vary and you can opt for rides for different age groups and abilities. There is a selection of bike trips available during the summer season that are self-guided or guided trips. The tours are organized according to different levels of difficulty and are available for people with different age and abilities.

2. Trekking
Trekking is also possible here at various trials and offered for various ages and abilities as well. There are high mountain treks and valley walks in various parts of the mountains that you can check and get the right information. Places like the Chianti, vald’orcia are some of the places where trekking takes place. There are self-guided as well as guided tours as well and also graded tours like easy, moderate, challenging and difficult.

3. Snowshoeing
Winter is the right time for snow shoeing, and there are high-class ski resorts her that offer snow shoeing in Monte Cimone in Emila Romagna. The venture is through snow covered forests and mountain ridges. Poles are provided with a pair of gators and anyone with good strength and health can complete it.

4. Kayaking in lake vigil, Pontecosi, and Gamolazzo
The lakes are artificial ones, and thus paddling is possible here. One can enjoy guided tours of kayaks here which is great fun.

5. Horse riding
Horse riding is fun and are carried out on marked routes and is possible all year round. The routes are from La via Del Sol, le vie Del marmot, la via Degli Altopiano and many such places.

There are many other types of adventure activities carried out here for different age groups, gender, and abilities.

How to reach Alpi Apuane

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