Croce di Brancoli
Croce di Brancoli Croce di Brancoli, Gignano di Brancoli, LUCCA ,

In 1594, there was a signal tower where now there is the huge monumental of Croce di Brancoli. The tower stood at 600meters from Serchio and was 11 km away from Lucca. In the 18th century, it was damaged by lightning and also the bad weather. The remains were destroyed in 1900. Later there was the cross built with a height of 18.40 meters and stone pedestal engraved on it. It was built of stone. The construction was completed in 1958.

The Corce di Brancoli
The cross of Brancoli and in Italy Croce di Brancoli is a picturesque place and if you want to experience something very different, then this is the place to be a beautiful one that dominates Lucca and from where you can get a panoramic view of the town and the valley of lower Serchio. It is a great bicycle ride where you enjoy the rough road and come across various another cross that are laid along with the route to the Croce di Brancoli. The nature by your side and the fresh air to liven you up, you are definitely going to enjoy the ride all the way to the cross that can be seen from below and from almost far away parts as well. The fun on the ride is that there are not many people enjoying the ride to the croce, and that is why it becomes a peaceful one, and you have the place on your own. This mountain trail will take you on long stretches of the ridge and give incredible broad views of the plain below and the greenery that is spread far and wide.

Characteristics of the trail
It is a bicycle trail that is covered in around 3 hours and 30 minutes. One has to cover a distance of 50 km and at an altitude of 750 meters. The trail is not advisable for children, and only adults can enjoy as it is a trail carried out on a high mountain. Of course, anyone can go on the mountain trail and not just trained bikers. The demanding rough trail is 2 kilometers only, and that means the rest of the trail is simple.

Description of the trail
The bicycle ride begins from the city of Lucca from Porta Elisa, and next destination is the River Park covering a long route. From here you move onto Via Ludovica to Piaggione and begin the rough climb for around 4 kilometers and reach the cross of Brancoli which is a place full of beautiful natural landscape and is located at an altitude of 700 meters. The view is simply awesome from where you can get the whole view of the Lucca plain that is crossed by river Serchio, Garfagnana Mountains, and the Apuan alps. Now the trail begins to move on the rough roads that comprise of mud, stones, and pebbles. On the way, you pass the Mouth of Wolf and reach way for Tramonte. The route is very interesting and has a single track and also is the beautiful trails of nature as well. Now we come to Palmata town and then back to the River path back to Lucca.

How to reach?
When you are in Lucca, you can almost easily get to know the route and the pathway that takes you right to the cross. There are maps available in Lucca for the bike ride, and you can even check the sign board on the roads that easily help you locate the places and villages as you pass by. Begin from the center of the town of Lucca and you can easily find your way on top.

How to reach Croce di Brancoli

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