Aqueduct Nottolini
Aqueduct Nottolini , Lucca,

Best nature walks that you will experience ever
If you want to walk in the midst of nature, then this is the place. It is a charming place that is very close to the town and is a great reminder of the past along with the surrounding natural beauty. Water runs over the pavement of stone in the Rio San Quirico in the enclosed woods. The architect of the place was Lorenzo Nottolini that was commissioned in 1823 by Duchess Maria Luisa of Bourbon. The nicely laid out nature path is well designed keeping in mind the beauty that is natural and very soothing to the mind.

About Nottolini's Aqueduct
Lucca needed water supply that was of good quality, and that is why it is said that "Aqueduct Nottolini" was built to solve the problems of water. Thus, the project was built in 1823 and completed in 1851. The water was then drawn from eighteen sources of pure Vespaiata Serra, the Rio San Quirico and the Rio Valley on the northern slope of the Mount Pisano. The water was purified in various layers gravels and stones, and it also passed over several holes that were made to collect the impurities. Only after proper purification, the water was supplied to the people for their use. There is a spa here that comes in two parts. The water was passed from here via a line that perched over a 12 meter high structure and went through the beautiful 400 arches that were built with brick and masonry that ran around 3,250 meters and from there it discontinued from A11. The water continues to flow and pours in marble cups and later in two channels which move in large pipes and lead to the city square. These two channels were made for a purpose as it differentiated the route of the water one the basis of its origin; the spring water was supplied in a special manner to various public and private properties in Lucca while the water of San Quirico and the Valley was supplied to feed the fountains of this historic city.
After every seventeenth arch, there was a decorative buttress constructed to take care of the strength of the structure. However, during the twentieth century, six arches were removed, and water supply was interrupted for the passage of A11 Motorway that connects Lucca and Capannori. Although, in the original design of the aqueduct, it was meant to supply water directly inside the Walls of Lucca but to preserve the beauty of these historic walls, Nottolini eliminated 46 arches. Thus, the aqueduct ends into the Temple of San Concordio, which is a circular building in neoclassical Doric style, and it has a tank to collect water.

Walk with nature
One can simply go on a nature trail to experience the wild nature spread out here and the peaceful atmosphere. Once you start your walk, you come across various dirt roads that run along the majestic arches. Take the path for 3 km further ahead and you will come across bridges that are very stunning and comprises of waterways and you can enjoy the sources of pure water. After a few kilometers, you will come across Guamo Whence, which is a temple and the first arch of the aqueduct and also the first tank that supplied water to the city. Moving further you come across an underground aqueduct as well as water wells that are semi-buried in red bricks. The red bricks are followed till you reach the end.

How to reach
The Aqueduct Nottolini is just behind the station, and one can easily walk their way to the aqueduct. One can either walk to take a bicycle ride to the place. You will love the countryside here. You do not need a car or a motorcycle to reach it.

How to reach Aqueduct Nottolini

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