Parco Fluviale del Serchio
Parco Fluviale del Serchio ,

Enjoy the peaceful walk in the river park
If you are tired of checking out the monuments and the villas in Lucca, you should have a break and opt for hiking or walking in the River Park Serchio which is a great gathering spice in the greens and a nice place where you can enjoy the nature, exercise, have a relaxing time and just enjoy the surroundings all by yourself. The council in 1999 had the aim to recover the river as well as banks and restore the original look and that is why there was created a great landscape and a river park with a nice road alongside the river for people to enjoy the cool breeze and the waters of the river.

What you can do here
The river park is ideal for a great walk or horse riding or even cycling. One can even take up river canoeing or kayaking. One can simply sit on the banks on the benches that are installed here and enjoy the nature beauty here. The place is also used for conducting various activities like vents and also sports like lawn bowling, archery, soccer, skateboarding and more. What's more the River Park comprises of series of nature trails that go through Giro Park and is divided into three routes, one is the nature trail, one is the historic route and the third is the water route.

The nature trail
River Park River Serchio has two nature trails that have been built on both the sides of the river. The first one is of 11 km from Ponte San Quirico and Ponte San Pietro and the second one also of 11 km runs from Ponte San Quirico and Ponte a Moriano. The first route has been made accessible in the summer of 2000 and connects the urbanized part of the suburbs of the city and the left bank and the farm land to the right.

The water route
The water route runs from Ripafratta to the sources of Nottolini and Monti Pisani along Canale Ozzeri. On the way, you can find many interesting march areas as well as species of lowland vegetation.

Historical path
This course provides a look at the rich art and history of Lucca, and you can even take a look at the monuments, streets, famous squares and also the development that has occurred throughout the centuries.

Information about trail rides in River Park
Trail rides in the river park of Serchio need reservations and for that you need to contact the local authorities or the related organizations. You can easily get information regarding the reservation in the city as well. The walking or riding is carried out on 39 km and is easy without any difficulty level and is great even for children. The roads that prevail are asphalt and dirt and rough road. It is ideal for a bicycle ride and walking as well. One can complete the ride in around 166 minutes.

How to reach
You can start from Ponte a Moriano Lake Massaciuccoli on the left of the river Serchio. After 8 km you reach Lucca, cross the Provincial, which is full of traffic and then cross the Terrazza Petroni. Now walk the track on the left bank to Ponte San Pietro. Now you get to Sarzanese and enter the left bank of the river. Crossing the paved road you reach the stretch of Ripafratta. After some time, continue on the new stretch that is built for bike rides it leads to the picturesque path where you encounter beautiful landscape, and then you reach Massaciuccoli.

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