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The Versilia lies to the north west of Lucca and is named after the River Versilia. The place is known for the rich and the famous and is a very fashionable Riviera resort that comprises of various clubs that are visited often visited by world famous celebrities. Versilia is a zone where you can have fun and also experience something very unique and gratifying. The place runs past the Apuan Alps slopes and Park of San Rossore and is very popular for its beaches. It lies between Forte Dei Marmi and Viareggio cities. It has a great line of fine beaches and coastal dunes. Various resorts dot the coastline and the beaches that also include the Forte del Marmi, Marina di Pietrasanta, sunny Viareggio, and Lido di Camaiore. If you want to experience an exciting and sophisticated vacation, then this is the right place.

About the place
Viareggio is the Southern tip of Versilia, and it is popular since the 1800s and the place hosts one of the country’s most popular carnival celebrations. Today the place is famous for the high society members and the refined seaside hubs. You will love the fashionable cafes and the trendy nightlife and the happy crowd here. The place is also important in terms of architectonic beauty and has lovely buildings.

How to reach
Versilia is located in Tuscany, in the North West part of Lucca and is found in the south of Massa bordering the Mediterranean sea. One can easily reach Versilia from almost any part of Italy and also from other countries as well.

What to see
The lovely beaches of Versilia are one of the main attractions here. You can indulge in various activities on the beach. There are various types of sports activities that one can enjoy right on the beach. The water sports are the main attraction here, along with the beach activities as well. Not just that the resorts are full of a variety of entertainment facilities for every type of visitor. One can indulge in any kind of activities or simply lay idle on the beach. One can also enjoy the nightlife here as it is full of entertainment and fun. You can find pubs, discos and nightclubs along the coastline. The food is great, and you can find different types of wine that will suit your dinner as well. The local wine is exceptional, and one should try it.
You can also visit the 19th-century villa that belonged to Ginori Lischi marchioness and was among the first ever structure to be built here. The residence is open to the public and hosts various events and exhibitions. Visit the lake of Massciuccoli that is a peaceful place where you can get out of the frenetic life of the coast and get surrounded by the green vineyards and olive groves which can be found here in endless expanses. Do not miss forte dei Marmi which is a great place for luxury shopping and you will enjoy every bit of it. The Pietrasanta provides a perfect view that you will never forget. There are also pastry shops that you can try and the jewelry, shoemakers and cosmetics makers as well.

When to visit
Versilia is perfect during the summer season, and nature too is blessed in the season. Visors should come here during this time as it is great even for a nightlife. The other seasons are not ideal for a Versilia visit as most of the establishments are shut down at the end of September.

What to eat
When in Versilia, you can indulge in seafood of every kind that is delicious and very distinct as well. The area provides for a great combine of typical Tuscan food as well. You can get a taste of risotto with cuttlefish or crispy fried mixed fish or even spaghetti with arselle. This is a fun place where you can also have food that is totally Italian.

How to reach Versilia

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