Rifugio Rossi (Alpi Apuane)
Rifugio Rossi (Alpi Apuane) Rifugio Rossi, Molazzana, LUCCA ,

The "Rifugio Rossi* or the Refuge Enrico Rossi Mountain is located at 1600 meters in the Apuan Alps in the park and the heart of Massif of the Pania between Pania Secca and Pania of the cross. This is a great place that provides solitude, the panoramic view of the range of mountains here, and you can indulge in various adventure sports and activities like hiking trails, walking and exploring. The area is a mountainous region that truly helps to experience nature in its rough and original beauty of mountains, valleys, forest, grasslands, landscapes and more.

What will you find here?
From the top of these peaks, you can see the vast coastline that stretches from the Elba Island to Gulf of La Spezia and the islands that line Tuscany (Capraia Island and Gorgona Island). You can gaze at the different peaks that look incredible from such a height. The area is filled with various flora and fauna, and you can meet the Barbary sheep, fallow deer, and roes and you can also see the golden eagle.
In the Rifugio Rossi, you will find a dormitory with 22 beds and a dining hall and also a local emergency. There is a small dining room and also a fireplace just at the entrance and is able to seat 35 people. There are electric lights and heating stoves available along with library and toilet. It’s an old structure and the shelter managed by Mr. Antonello Chiodo anf Emanuele Cesaroni (Tel. 0583 71.03.86 – Cell. 348 38.98.003 – 349 13.32.568, e-mail: antonellochiodo@tin.it) is open from June to September, weekends and winter season as well.

Indulge in activities
Rigufio Rossi is a beautiful place that is historically important as well and is settled in the beautiful Alps. The proximity of the sea and the mountains make for a great atmosphere and view as well. One can easily admire the peaks and the sunrise with the beaches, laid out in front and just within a few kilometers. Trekkers can have a great time during the trekking as the mountains are grand, and the view that one can see is just amazing as it is untouched by man. Trekkers can take the route to the Pania della Croce that takes 2 hours and back. The route to Pania Secca takes 1 hour and 45 minutes and the Fornovolasco takes 5 hours for the ascent and 2 hours to descent. From the Forte dei Marmi refuge, it takes 5 hours and downhill. Tourists also enjoy the ski season as there are various events organized here. During winter, the routes to Pania Secca takes 2 hours and 15-minute ascent, and Pania of the cross 8 takes 3 hours and 30 minutes of ascent.

How to reach
The refuge Rossi and the dormitory can be reached by foot only from Versilia and Garfagnana through the mountain trails. However, tourists also come from Lucca from the highway up to Garfagnana Gallicona and then move to Molazzana to Sassi – Alpe Antonio – Piglionico. Next is to reach number 7 and then to shelter Rossi. The refuge rossi is a place where you can see people arrive and depart for various other routes like the Pania or the Apuan. There are various other possibilities that visitors can take note of.

When to visit
One can visit the place in summer to enjoy the treks and the hikes here. If not you can also visit in the winter season when the mountains are covered with snow, you can enjoy the mountains in any season and get a different experience in every season. The Rifugio Rossi is open all the year round, and so one can visit any time of the year.

How to reach Rifugio Rossi (Alpi Apuane)

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