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Lucca is the city from the medieval times and is a charming little town has still retained its beauty and holds the various structures that have stood the test of time since the roman rule. Since the 12th century onwards the city has witnessed various changes and great times with riches and glory as well. Today it is known as a historical center and is well preserved today as we see thousands of visitors who come to the city to admire the beauty of the villas, churches, streets, the natural surroundings, landscapes, etc. The place lay on the way to the silk route, and that is why rich merchants settled here for the convenience and also the town was very beautiful. During the 12th and the 13th century, the activities of trade increased and with it the banking activities too showed a new level and there was a significant improvement in the economic development of the city of Lucca.

Things to do in Lucca
Lucca is known as the jewel of Tuscany and is strategic in terms of tourism its history, historical monuments and the natural beauty that makes Lucca so special. Thousands of visitors come to the city every year to explore this century old city and the fun and joy that it provides to every kind of visitor. This historical center comprises of narrow streets and is still well preserved from the times of Romans. The famous walls of Lucca present a wonderful reminder of the past glory and riches of the city. Today the walls are a great pass time for strolling on it and admire the trees on the bastion. The walls are still intact, and tourists love to walk here and each four side has a different species of tree. The walls enclose the city within it and are recognized as the symbol of Lucca.

Famous monuments
Guinigi Tower is a famous tower here that is tree lined built in the 13th century. The tower can be seen from any part of the town and is very attractive. The clock tower is straight from the medieval times and gives a panoramic view of the roofs of Lucca. Here is a fine example of hand-wound clock mechanism in all of Europe.
The place of a hundred churches, as Lucca was rightly called, was due to the fact that the town had many churches in various parts of the city within the walls. Apart from the churches, there are villas with their own chapel and many that are located in various buildings. Some of the outstanding churches here are Lucca cathedral, famous for its architectural masterpiece and have works of Nicola Pisano, Jacopo della Quercia. The Holy Face inside is well preserved inside and is admired by all. The Church of San Michele in Foro is a marble structure built in 1070 and is the meeting point of the city life. Besides, there is another church, the Basilica of San Frediano famous for the procession of Holy Cross.

Museums and Palaces
One simply cannot miss the Palazzo Mansi, which is a 17th-century structure that has various pieces of the art collection. Besides, there are historical palaces in the center of Lucca like the Ducal Palace, the Pfanner Palace and more. If you are interested in closely knowing the city and its people during the middle ages, then you have to visit the grand museums which comprise of costumes, paintings, frescoes, busts, statues, furniture, artifacts and more. Do not miss the Museo Nazionale di Villa Guinigi, Museo della Cattedrale, Museo Nazionale di Villa Mansi, and others.
Lucca organizes festivals and exhibitions throughout the year in the historical center of Lucca. Among these are Lucca Comics and Games, Lucca Summer Festival and Photolux, the festival of photography throughout the year.

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