How to get to Lucca by Train
How to get to Lucca by Train Piazza Ricasoli, LUCCA ,

Lucca is a very small town with around 85,000 inhabitants. This ancient city is very important from the point of view of the tourist, and, therefore, the authorities have taken care as to make transport easily available and comfortable for the tourists. The town has narrow streets and lanes, and that is why most of the tourists love to explore the city on foot as the monuments and the squares that are historically important and centuries old. The insides of the town are closed to traffic and only the outskirts of the city. Roaming around the city is easy, and one can move around easily checking out the monuments, the museums, villas and many more attractive structures in Lucca.

Railway station in Lucca
The railway station of Lucca was opened in 1846 and is a part of the Viareggio-Florence railway line and a junction for other lines to Aulla and Pisa. Enrico Pohlmeyer designed the structure of passenger building, and Vincenzo Pardini designed the elevations. Trenitalia manages the services of the trains here. The railway station is located at Piazza Ricasoli, which is to the south of the city center. The building has an elegant facade with arches that are the main designs of the building. Today, there are a few changes in the original building, but still retains the main design.

Trains of Lucca
Lucca is a famous city and tourist love to come here for various reasons. There are visitors from all over the world who come to Lucca in all seasons and festivals. The railway station of Lucca is near Porta San Pietro. Arriving in Lucca becomes very easy as the popularity of the place has made the transport to the city easy and fast. One can come to the city by car or by train or plane as well. There are many places in nearby Lucca from where one can reach by train from within the country as well as outside. If you are arriving in Lucca by train, then you have to know that Lucca is situated on Florence- Viareggio train line, and that is why you will have to book a train that falls in this line. There are different kinds of the train that arrive here and depending on that; it takes around 70 to 90 minutes to arrive in Florence. One can reach in 20 minutes to Viareggio from here. The train station of Lucca is located just a few kilometers and just 2 minutes from the south of the city walls. You can also reach the railway station by foot from Viale Regina Margherita and take you to Porta San Pietro. There is a train line from Pisa, and it takes around 30 minutes from here. The train ride is very scenic from here, and you can go through the various small lovely towns that have interesting houses and landscapes. You can get good connections by train to Pisa, Florence and Viareggio. If you want to go to Venice, Rome and Bologna, you have to change trains in Pisa, Florence, and Prato.

Booking the train
Although it is not necessary to book train to reach Lucca or to go to other places outside Lucca, it is necessary to do so during festivals and celebrations as the trains are full due to the festivals being very grand and lively. Bookings should be done in advance during these times and travel in comfort.

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