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An Unusual Walk Through The Ancient Gate
The city of Lucca is famous for its walls that were built during the Roman times and reconstructed beautifully during the 15 to the 16th century. The walls come with different gates, all having different structures and architecture that make the design totally different from one another. Due to the impact of the design of the gates and the walls, the tourists are attracted towards it and want to stroll and have a close look at the walls. There are in total three main ports called the Porta San Pietro, Porta Santa Maria and Porta San Donato. You also see various posterns that have access to the ditch so as to provide access to the garrison and guard the external works. The wall was constructed for the defensive purpose but was never implemented. The walls also have bastions that are the defensive aspect of the walls. Every bastion is designed by different architect due to various reasons of the period. A total of 4 km long and 195 meters comprises of various buildings now of the government and other organizations.

Porta San Gervasio architecture
The Porta San Gervasio is one of the doors of the old city walls of Lucca. It was completely demolished due to the construction of the renaissance walls. The gate is dedicated to San Gervasio and Protasio and is also known as Porta Annunciation. It is one of the four doors on the walls. There are various towers on the walls. This structure was completed in 1255 and was 8 meters high and has a round arch. The bezel is decorated with Madonna and a child with saints Kneel and the two angles and the St. John at the feet of Madonna. The two towers on either side of the port are constructed using gray sandstone and decorations are done in white limestone. Under the arch, you can see the red stars on the white field. The walkway on the top of the towers does not exist now. However, the two towers are residences and not open to the public. It’s a huge door with massive construction done on it and with simple architecture which also stands out. Tourist can get access to the highest part of the tower that connect to the wide walkway and enjoy an unparallel view. You can also check the internal road network of the ancient Roman city and also the decumanus maximus. In the recent times, restoration work was done to get the original look back to the towers.

A tourist delight
Today, the walls are used for recreation purpose and have various points of interest to the tourist. People love the walls, which are used for a pedestrian walk and are open to the public. On the walls, one can indulge in various physical activities, and you can see trees lined on the walls that provided the much-needed shade. Events and performances are also conducted regularly on the walls. One can enjoy the walls during festivals and celebrations that take place all over the year here in Lucca. The streets are filled with visitors who are thrilled to enjoy the ancient walls and everything that is within it. Tourists can enjoy the walk through the gate and take a look at the structures that are centuries old. Bicycling through the gates is one of the most common past time and relaxing on the lawn or just strolling. Besides, one can also enjoy the snack bars, restaurants and fruit stalls close the gate. The gate is ancient, and that is what makes it very important from the point of view of the tourists.

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