Zita Saint
Zita Saint Piazza San Frediano, Lucca,

Santa Zita was an Italian saint and the patron saint of domestic servants and maids. Born in Lucca, Tuscany, in the year 1218, Santa Zita was first a servant when she came to Fatinelli house. She was a pious soul who was often tortured by the employers and also the fellow servants, even though she worked hard and was very kind hearted. The incessant ill treatment from her employers and co-workers she came out victorious and earned the respect gradually from her employers as well as those around here and she succeeded in overcoming the malice put forth by everyone and because the head of the house affairs. Her faith and her humbleness and constant piety moved the employers and also gained religious awakening.

Her life and struggles
It was not a peaceful or comfortable life for Zita as she started working since she was 12 years of age. Her parents were very poor and were devout Christians. Her elder sister became a nun, and her uncle was a saintly hermit. Her daily work was not simple, yet she carried it out without complaining or without losing temper. She led a very prayerful life and said her prayers regularly. She also attended first mass in the San Frediano church which was adjacent to the place she lived in. She always gave away her food to the needy and the poor, and she ate the left over and scraps and sometimes even faster when there was nothing to eat. Even her clothes were not warm as she got to wear only worn out clothes. She did not have any winter clothes or shoes to put on. Her sufferings at the hands of the employers and fellow servants continued for many years as they despised the way she lived and insulted her at any given moment. She had the will power to bear everything in silence as she believed in Christ and knew that everything would be soon different.

Miracles in her life
Once when there was a famine in the town, she gave away the beans of her employer to the poor and the needy that were dying of hunger. The master one day decided to sell the beans as the prices had gone up, and he would earn more profit. She was afraid of her master’s fury and did not know what to do she prayed to God to help her. Just then the master checked for the beans and found that the beans were right there. It was just a miracle as more beans were left than she had given away. The second instance was when once she was unable to reach the house to bake the bread as she took more time in prayers. She had to travel a long distance, and she realized that she will not be able to reach in time. But, when she entered the kitchen, she saw that everything was done, and the bread were placed in rows ready to be baked. This too was a miracle that she experienced in her lifetime.

Reaching sainthood
She was very patient when it came to working and doing her job. She never once spoke loudly or spat out at fellow workers. Her master realized what they were doing, and they made her the chief and in-charge of the duties of the house. Her work towards the poor and the suffering and her helping nature soon spread all over the town, and people began respecting her for who she was. They also approached here whenever there was any problem or wanted to solve any issue. Once when she was absorbed in her daily prayers, she looked heavenwards and her hands crossed and she died on April 27th, 1278 at the age of 60. They say that a brilliant star shone above the place where she rested. Her body was venerated in the Chapel of Santa Zita of the church of San Frediano in Lucca.

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