Pieve di San Giorgio in Brancoli
Pieve di San Giorgio in Brancoli Via Pieve di Brancoli, Pieve di Brancoli, LUCCA ,

Lucca is known for its beautiful medieval churches, and one of them is the Pieve di San Giorgio in Brancoli. It was built somewhere around the middle ages on an already built temple that was dedicated to Apollo Situata. It’s a beautiful Romanesque structure that has been documented in 1062. Since then it has become the finest example of architecture. There are various unique things that are admirable in the church and are known for its beautiful structure and framework that is proudly standing. The interior, as well as the exterior, is simply marvelous with exquisite work on them that can be attributed to the skills of the craftsmen in those times. The church contains various pieces of art that are admired by people from all over the world for its class and highly skilled work of art that have been preserved for centuries. The church is located at the side of the hills that lead to Pizzome. From the church, one can get a grand look of the Serchio valley and from the square the entire plain of Lucca can be viewed.

The internal beauty of the Pieve di San Giorgio in Brancoli
Just as you enter the church, you will be amazed at the intricate interiors that have been done inside. There are three naves basilica with pillars as well as columns with capitals on them. There are decorations of the phytomorhpic footprint that add to the beauty of the columns and pillars. The ceiling is of wood with strong panels to hold the structure and protect the interiors. You will find a raised presbytery that divides the priest from the commoners. The octagonal baptismal font is another aspect of admiration that is decorated with intricate designs and has a marble pulpit.
Get a closer look at the glazed pottery from the fifteenth century and you will admire the fine work on it. The dragon-slaying art on it is simply awesome that is by S. Giorgio. The altars are undeniably beautiful with the central one comprising of sculpted medieval carryover and on the right you see the beautiful and original 11th-century decorations with polychrome. On the top of the altar is the magnificent wooden cross from the 13th century. The 14th-century fresco of Annunciation is a beautiful painting done by Julian Simon that is a point of attraction as well. The painting has the Madonna, the Holy Spirit, and the Angel. The next valuable piece is the crucifix that dates back to the 13th century that comes with beautiful features. The ambo that is in four columns has two interesting lions that are shown fighting in the front lines. This is one of the attractions here that is well preserved and has maintained the pulpit, altars, and baptismal font original.

External work
The bell tower cannot be missed by visitors. It is a pure Romanesque style bell tower that has single as well as double windows at the end. The whole structure is made of marble blocks square and has a brilliant look. The tower is majestic and hence great attractions for visitors who can get a closer look and admire the simple work done on it. The lateral portal is quite attractive and comes with arches and geometrical designs on it. Some intricate designs too can be seen that draw attention. The facade attached to the imposing bell tower exists since the beginning. Both the structures truly provide a unique look to the church.
A visit to the church can be truly exciting as it can be great fun to admire the church as well as the scenic surrounding that the church provides.

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