Basilica of San Frediano

San Frediano – astounding structure to behold The incredible Basilica of San Frediano is situated on Piazza San Frediano and is a Romanesque church which can be easily distinguished from the other churches in Lucca for the golden mosaic high that is seen on the facade of the monument. The present church that exists was built somewhere around the 1112 and 1147 with a plenty of changes and constructions that took place over time. However, the church has still its position amongst th ...

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Church of Santa Maria Forisportam

Lucca is an old city that comprise of numerous churches that are truly very stunning built around the 12th century. All the churches have something special in them, and one of them is the Church of Santa Maria Forisportam. The church is a large one that attracts attention and a must visit when you are in the city of Lucca. About the Church The Church of Santa Maria Forisportam lies near the main street and is outside the gate of the city, and its name indicated its locatio ...

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Church Santa Maria della Rosa

The Church Santa Maria Della Rosa is quite an interesting church that dates back to the 13th century. The construction took place around 1309 to 1333 on the older oratory site that are earlier devoted to Madonna, holding a rose, with St. Paul and St Peter. It is built in the city of Lucca and is adjacent to Roman walls. The church was quite popular in those times, and one can see the beautiful interiors and the exteriors that are an absolute treat to the eyes. The church comprises o ...

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Church of Sant'Alessandro

The beautiful churches of medieval period need to be admired for their beauty and the strength of the structures that have made them last through so many centuries: Church of Sant'Alessandro is one of them that represent the style and the glory of a period that has gone by. Founded in the 9th century, this church was first located in the middle of Lucca city, which was inside the blocks of the streets of the Roman city. The date of construction is not known. It was very close to Piazz ...

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Pieve di San Giorgio in Brancoli

Lucca is known for its beautiful medieval churches, and one of them is the Pieve di San Giorgio in Brancoli. It was built somewhere around the middle ages on an already built temple that was dedicated to Apollo Situata. It’s a beautiful Romanesque structure that has been documented in 1062. Since then it has become the finest example of architecture. There are various unique things that are admirable in the church and are known for its beautiful structure and framework that is proudl ...

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Chartreuse of Farneta

Chartreuse of Farneta in Lucca is a monastery Carthusian that was sanctified in 1358. It is located in a hilly area to the west of the city and was built around 1340. The historical events of 15th century comprised civil wars thus causing damages to the church. The affected cloister was reconstructed. The church was rebuilt in the 17th century and then in the 20th century. Today, it has quite a grand look with the church, cloisters and chapter that houses Annunciation. The cloister i ...

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Church of San Francesco

The Church of San Francesco is situated in the city of Lucca in the homonymous square. The presence of Franciscans made it relevant in 1228. However, the reconstruction also began around the 14th century to enlarge the structure. The church has the tomb of Giovanni Guidiccioni bishop who was also a poet and a humanist. There is a plaque in memory of Castruccio Castracani of Antelminelli, who was a leader in Lucca and also a respected citizen. Besides, this you will find the tomb o ...

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