Church of Saints Giovanni and Reparata
Church of Saints Giovanni and Reparata Via S. Giovanni, LUCCA, ,

The Church of Saints Giovanni and Reparata is located in Piazza San Giovanni in Lucca. Tourists will be very much interested to know more about this beautiful structure of the church due to its existence since 754. It was first mentioned in the will made by Bishop Valprando in 754. This is a very magnificent church that stands proudly till date with its stories and tells the times that have changed until today. Although not a very grand structure, you can find the magnificence in its creation and the way it has been designed in those times. Changes have been made since its inception and became a mausoleum with tombs of various important people of those times as we can see the tombstones that are placed here. Excavation has taken place here, and there is so much to see here as they bring back the times that are left far behind. The present day structure comprises of Baptistery and Church.

The impeccable structure
The Church is comprised of three aisles and transept with a wooden ceiling as cover. The facade is built in total white limestone that is the main attraction, and one simply stands in awe of the structure due to its vastness. The structure comprises of brickwork and sandstone that can be seen prominently here. The central part of the nave then became the actual site of the building. The structure that we see today is that of the 17th century when the reconstruction took place for the last time.
Just as we enter the structure, we are welcomed by the lions that stand guard authoritatively. One is taking the dragon down, and the other is wrestling with another lion. Moving further to the architrave, there is the Madonna, who is seen between the two angels and apostles. However, David and the Saul are shown in capitals. The tower provides a splendid view of the city of Lucca.

The interiors
The interiors have many things that can be admired by everyone. Of course, due to the construction that has taken place many centuries back, it becomes the center of attraction. Today the interiors are admired as early christian form structure. Inside are the three naves that are separate and come with wooden ceilings. You can see mostly plaster work inside the church and is painted so that it resembles stone. The three aisles were separated with the use of the columns. You can find the bell tower built in stone and brick masonry and is located at a junction where the aisles and transept meet. Changes can be seen here which can be very interesting for those who love history. The windows were changed in the 16th century with modern windows as the earlier ones were small. In the 17th century, baroque chapel was added to the structure that was dedicated to Sant'lgnazio located to the north of the structure. Later in the 18th century, the church was used as a mausoleum.

Excavations of the structure
Excavations in 1969 have brought across many interesting findings. Since 725 A.D., many changes have been found here. In the 4th and 5th centuries, the early layout was of the Basilica of Saint Reparata and Baptistery of Saint Giovanni. There are many layers of structures beneath, from roman temple to the first church of Lucca. One can easily take a walk around and witness the marvels of history.

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