Piazza Antelminelli
Piazza Antelminelli Piazza Antelminelli, LUCCA ,

The construction of Piazza Antelminelli was done in 1300 century, and the work was commissioned by Antelminelli family. The neoclassical styled fountain in the square center was designed by Lorenzo Nottolini in 1832 to 1835. The square also has the famous Cathedral, which is the attraction of tourists who come to Lucca. The square also had houses in the 1301 but was razed to create the square. It’s a huge square within the old city of Lucca, and one can see the historical importance of the place as well. It has been there for centuries that have seen the changes and happenings that have today provided the look to Lucca. It is one of the major squares in Lucca, and you can find it very convenient to reach other places of interest from here as well.

About Piazza Antelminelli
The square of Antelminelli has southern facade of St. Martin's Cathedral, and there are the grand palaces to the other sides of the square. The fountain in the center is the main attraction and as you can see it is a typical neoclassical style and a large one as well. The fountain is well maintained, and the water still runs and makes the place look beautiful. There are marble columns, and circular body made of marble, and the columns are connected to the chains that give a very simple and elegant look. The water to the fountain was originally supplied from the aqueduct Nottolini from springs on Pisan hills in Guamo. The square is a large one, and that is why you can see that it is used for car parking at the far corners near the buildings on the side. People can roam around freely here and also get photographed by the fountain and, of course, the cathedral. During events and festivals that square looks very beautiful and there is a lot of gathering of people.

Things to do in Piazza Antelminelli
Piazza Antelminelli is close to other important squares. Therefore, you can find various things of interest that you can do here. There are various museums that one can take a look at and wonder at the various artifacts of the medieval times. Besides, there are various restaurants, bars and cafes close to the square so that you can relax and enjoy the surroundings that take you to the era that has long passed.

Places nearby
Some of the important ones are, the Church of San Michele in Foro is an interesting monument that has earned admiration from many. Tourists love to visit the church as it is one of the most beautiful among the churches here. The facade is very attractive and is taller than the rest of the structure. The statue on top of the facade had to be prepared using various metals so that it would resist the strong wind. There are various cafes and restaurants near the place for recreation and having a break. One can check the city walls which provide a good walk, and the greenery is very pleasing. The trees lined on the walls provide shade and is a very picturesque place. Check the gates and the bastions that are particularly attractive. Torre delle Ore or The Tower Clock is a medieval architecture that belonged to different families and now is the property of the municipality here. The tower is open to the public, and one can see the mechanism with a clock face from 1754. The structure is sturdy with architecture typical to Lucca. Each hour is marked by a larger one and the quarter is marked by the smaller bells.

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