San Michele Square (Piazza San Michele)

Piazza San Michele is an ancient square in the city of Lucca. The square has a very beautiful and exquisitely built Romanesque church located in Italy in the Lucca Province. The church has interesting facades. The Piazza San Michele square that has the church is also known by the name Square Of The Chains. The name has been so assigned because the church has columns that are linked with each other by huge and heavy chains. Shiny marbles combine to form the four colonnaded churc ...

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Piazza San Martino

Piazza San Martino is located in Lucca city’s center. The square is the place where several cultural events of the city now take place frequently, and the location is also a favorite and prime spot of tourist activity. An antique’s market is organized here on each third Sunday and Saturday of every month. The evolution of the square and the church has taken place through centuries. Naming and initial construction The church and the square have been named after Saint Martin ...

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Piazza Antelminelli

The construction of Piazza Antelminelli was done in 1300 century, and the work was commissioned by Antelminelli family. The neoclassical styled fountain in the square center was designed by Lorenzo Nottolini in 1832 to 1835. The square also has the famous Cathedral, which is the attraction of tourists who come to Lucca. The square also had houses in the 1301 but was razed to create the square. It’s a huge square within the old city of Lucca, and one can see the historical importance o ...

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Piazza Cittadella

Piazza Cittadella is just typical of Lucca where you can find the perfect Lucca ambiance with the structures that you can see typically in Lucca and the squares that are perfectly made during the Roman rule. Piazza Cittadella is one of the important squares in Lucca and one simply cannot miss it when moving around the old town of Lucca. The grand old city has fine structures that need admiration for each and every visitor. The square comprises of the bronze statue of the great artist ...

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Piazza del Carmine

Explore the markets of Lucca: Lucca is also great when it comes to buying vegetables and groceries. In Lucca, there is a good harvest of a variety of vegetables and fruits that are sold in the local market. The city also has many marketplaces, and some of them are quite popular as well. Every day the markets are opened up in different parts of the city, and people can buy whatever they need from here. One of the important markets is the Piazza del Carmine where you can find fresh fruit ...

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San Giusto Square

Enjoy your day at the Piazza San Giusto Piazza San Giusto is famous for its beautiful church that is located within it, namely the church San Giusto which is from the 12th century. It was built over an already existing church. Both the square and the church are very interesting places for tourist as they can spend some time here visiting the church and admiring the interiors of the church which are truly fantastic as well as the facade that tells a lot about the history of the church ...

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