Church Santa Maria della Rosa
Church Santa Maria della Rosa Via della Rosa 33, LUCCA ,

The Church Santa Maria Della Rosa is quite an interesting church that dates back to the 13th century. The construction took place around 1309 to 1333 on the older oratory site that are earlier devoted to Madonna, holding a rose, with St. Paul and St Peter. It is built in the city of Lucca and is adjacent to Roman walls. The church was quite popular in those times, and one can see the beautiful interiors and the exteriors that are an absolute treat to the eyes. The church comprises of various artworks done on the structure as well as placed inside the church for visitors to admire the rich work and precise craftsmanship. It also had cultural importance and is known for the 14th century painting. Renovations also took place here from time to time and today it is a beautiful structure that should not be missed. Today what we see is the 15th century renovation with two side aisles and central nave. The church was built by University of Merchants of Lucca. It’s a very small church, but of great importance to the people of Lucca. One would walk alongside it and miss it for its simple built and structure.

About the beautiful facade
It’s a 15th-century facade that comes with a work of Matteo Civitali. It is depicted with jambs that have roses appearing out through the mouth of the dragon. The facade to some extent was kept incomplete only to be completed in the 15th century. The exteriors are plain and nothing of great importance related to architecture. The church is definitely from the medieval period and built with the style prevailing in those times. Beautiful arches are seen alongside with floral designs that are intricate and attractive. The redecoration work took place in 1333, and the whole focus was on the side wall. Yet we see this rare example of Gothic style structure still intact. This is one of the few styles that we seen in Lucca churches.

Interiors of the church
The interiors too have seen many alterations that today give a very beautiful look. It is huge with large arches inside and very vibrant colors used inside to decorate the place. You can see two side aisles and a nave that have columns at the sides and come with cross vaults. There are various decorative elements inside that are done up in the 17th century. However, in the 19th century it was yet again altered during the restoration work of the old windows. The painting work of Michele Marcucci is seen that depicts that life of Virgin Mary. One simply cannot miss the painting. The beautiful Madonna della Rosa is at the altar at a good height. The original place of the Madonna was at the northern wall but was moved here in 1609. The moving of the painting has caused severe damage to it, and the images of saints and Co-titulars are missing. The painting is beautiful and is one amongst the finest art. The oratory is dedicated to Santa Maria della, Rosa.

Important information
Saint Gemma Galgani regularly visited the church in the early 19th century and died at the age of 25. The church does have a place of importance today as many prominent persons have been visiting it. During the 13th century, the town was protected by the old Roman walls and thus gave a very different look back then. During the Napoleonic suppression, they used the oratory as salt storage. The image then was kept in the archiepiscopal palace and after the restoration of the church the picture was brought back by Michele Ridolfi.

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