Villa Torrigiani (Camigliano)

In a small, charming hamlet of Camigliano is situated the Villa Torrigiani in the city of Lucca. This is a historical place that has been built from the 16th century. The villa has records since the 1593 and belonged to Buonvisi family. Later it went into the Nicola Santini family. Santini later redecorated the facade in Baroque style in the later half of the 17th century. He added two wings and also modified the front portion by erecting massive scale range that leads to serliana tha ...

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Villa Mansi (Segromigno in Monte)

Villa Mansi is another feather in the crown in the city of Lucca. Lucca is already popular for its churches and the monuments of the medieval period and the Villas of those times are so beautiful that words cannot describe them. Villa Mansi was constructed in the 16th century by Benedetti family and later sold it to Cenami family in 1599. The villa was rebuilt by Muzio Oddi along with the gardens. Thus, there are several additions and changes that took place since it was built. The garden ...

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Villa Mazzarosa (Segromigno in Monte)

Villa Mazzarosa is one of the very few villas which are still owned by its original family. It is also an important one in Segromigno which is known for several reputed palaces and villas. Villa Mazzarosa is a beautiful villa that is built in Segromigno in Monte in the province of Lucca. The villa originally belonged to Arnolfini, the Orsucci and Lucchesine and later was the property of Mazzarosa. The villa was built in the early 17th century and today it has undergone various change ...

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Villa Grabau (San Pancrazio)

Villa Grabau, located in San Pancrazio, north of Lucca, is built on an already existing building that dated back to 1412. The villa belonged to the powerful family of Diodati, who were the merchants in Lucca. You can still see the coat of arms that hang in the northern part facade of the villa in the gray stone Matraia. The new owner has given the present look that is more appealing and stunning. It comes with a neoclassical look that has been maintained over the years. The villa wa ...

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Villa Oliva (San Pancrazio)

Villa Oliva is a historic villa in the hills of Lucca in San Pancrazio, and at around 6 kilometers from the city walls of Lucca. The Buonvisi family built it in the 15th century as their country residence and was designed by Matteo Civitali, who was a popular Renaissance architect. The villa later belonged to various owners named Montecatini family, Carlo Poniatowski, and Rosselmini family. The Rosselmini then donated it to Cottolengo's Piccola Casa della Divina Provvidenza which is ...

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Villa Bernardini (Vicopelago)

Villa Bernardini is located near the center of Lucca, in the village of Vicopelago and is situated in the lush greenery of the area. The property comprises villa, park, forest, decorative elements and more. The park is built on an area of 8 hectares and more and surrounds the main structure with more than 350 vegetable species and trees that are centuries old. The lush shrubs and the flower gardens attract the eyes and make it a charming place to spend the time and get immersed in it ...

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Villa Guinigi (Matraia)

Villa Guinigi and the Borgo that is on the estate grounds and is included in the property is a prestigious estate that is the pride of Lucca. The villa cannot be viewed from the road and is well screened so as to ensure the safety aspect of the villa. This also means that the villa is quite private. The location is a superb one that is about the plains, so the view of the village below is spectacular. The panoramic views from the villa are truly capturing, and that is why visitors find i ...

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Villa Reale (Marlia)

The illustrious mansion called the Villa Reale di Marlia comes with its own old world charm and splendor that is not seen in many of the residences in Italy. This one has seen the glorious past and is a timeless beauty of its own kind. A leisure walk around the villa will help you notice the intricate details of the villa and the surroundings which are mesmerizing just like the villa. The records of the villa date back to the 1517 when the Buonvisi family bought the villa from Avvocat ...

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